I have tried other sprinkler head trimmers with some success, but as we all know, they just don’t last.  The other problems are the kick you get from the weedeater and the unsightly appearance of uneven circles, not to mention the time factor for edging an eighteen hole golf course.  I tried the Head Edger and I was impressed, no kick, no unsightly circles, and the time I saved!  My crew really likes using the Head Edger because of the ease of use and not having to stop and change heads every two holes.  I can have one employee edge all of our fairway heads in about four hours, instead of two days, it really saves me time and the golfers cannot say they can’t find the yardage markers!  The biggest thing is to try it; I bet you’ll be impressed too!”

- Michael Pafford, Golf Course Superintendent, Fleming Island Golf Club Orange Park, Florida

The Head Edger is a very innovative and reliable way to keep Golf Course irrigation heads trimmed and performing to their designed capacities.  The Head Edger is balanced and performs well with all types of weedeaters.  It is a cost effective tool by saving both time and money.  I’ve tried other irrigation head trimmers of different makes and models(such as plastic and metal discs), and none can perform or last as long as the Head Edger!  I would personally recommend the Head Edger as a tool all Golf Courses should have to maintain their irrigation heads for maximum performance and durability.

- Douglas Hill, Assistant Golf Course Superintendent, Eagle Harbor Golf Club, Orange Park, Florida

Built to Last • Limited Lifetime Warranty • Patented System
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