Head Edger Operation:

  1. Before operation, make sure to wear proper clothing and safety glasses to avoid injury. Also make sure your weed eater is running properly before cleaning heads.
  2. Adjust Head Edger blades, if applicable, to fit firmly around the designated sprinkler head by adjusting the three set screws on each blade.  Each time you slide out blade and line up next three holes, a ¼ inch adjustment has been made.  For smaller heads, remove blades and turn inward towards center of head.  Put screws back in place.  Now you can adjust the blades for a smaller sprinkler head the same way you would for a larger one.  (Head Edger is set up for a standard 8 inch sprinkler head, but is adjustable from 4 to 10 inches).
  3. Once the Head Edger has been installed and the proper adjustments have been made, it is time to cut your sprinkler heads.  Make sure sprinkler heads are clear of any foreign objects that could damage blades or heads before cleaning.
  4. Once weed eater is running engage throttle in order to get the Head Edger spinning at full capacity.  Note: The Head Edger is precision balanced, if it feels unbalanced, cut off weed eater immediately and check to make sure the Head Edger has been installed properly.
  5. With the Head Edger spinning, slowly drop the self-guiding blades over sprinkler head until protective boot rests on top of the sprinkler.  You may have to repeat this step several times, depending on how severe the sprinkler head is covered in grass, dirt, etc.

Download the Head Edger Instructions.

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